Digital Lucknow University

Welocme to E-Services portal of Lucknow University.

University of Lucknow has brought a extremely new platform for the students and faculty now as India is approaching towards the new era of digitalization University has upgraded its platform for students and faculty. This online platform provides the system ofOnline Facult Leave , students online complain, alumani registration online portal portal, Faculty leave online application,Alumani registeration system

By this app faculty can apply online for their leave from any where .He/she can do this by going to the option in website Faculty leave application and the by enter in the website through login portal entering his email and password. Hence following the instruction there . For students Complain they can go to the option of Students Complain and select their problem realted to the subject and fill the application form.

Faculty Leave Application

Now faculty members have to apply online if they want to accomadate leave application

Students Feedback Form

Students can fill their feedback form bu clicking under here .


Lucknow University feels proud for registering their alumani please click the link below to get registered

Prof. S.P. Singh

Vice Chancellor , University of Lucknow

Vice Chancellor has taken an initiative to digitalise the platform for students and faculty members . This initiative will bring a quick service which will be responsive and time saving .

Dr. Rajeev Manohar

Director, IQAC University of Lucknow

Director IQAC has been a grateful in designing this platform . Director IQAC has been revarded by the 'Shree Award ' by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh . Digitalizing this platform for the students and faculty will a great boon.

University of Lucknow Starts first Digital App in Uttar pradesh.

University of Lucknow is the first E -Portal University of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh which creates an application of providing on line leave providing to their faculty members , Students Comaplain Online portal This service will be enabled 24*7 hrs .